About Us

About us

We are an international law firm with 13 offices worldwide. In Germany we are represented in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich by a team of around 65 lawyers, auditors, tax consultants, notaries and Avocats à la Cour.

LPA-GGV advises in all main areas of business law. We have special expertise in all areas requiring legal and tax know-how at the same time, both nationally and internationally. Besides we have gained a wide track record advising on transactions, also with high transaction volumes.

A unique proposition is our expertise in the Franco-German environment cross-border. In this field, LPA-GGV has one of the largest teams in the law firm market.

Smart Law

Sector concerns / Each industry has specific issues that require cross-expertise, anticipation and communication in order to build today the legal practices of tomorrow. This is what we call Smart Law. We want to share this dynamic vision of our profession with you.


Your legal concerns are industry-specific and go beyond the different areas of the law. We put together dedicated teams made up of several specialists to provide you with an overall strategic vision and long-term operational solutions. We maintain close exchanges with you in order to tailor our answers to your realities on the ground.


Law is a tool we use to support your projects in an ever changing economic and social environment. Being visionary means daring to be creative. Being visionary means staying informed and learning, constantly. Being visionary means looking to the future so as to better address the present.


In today’s economic environment, we all need to continuously adapt and constantly challenge both our paradigms and our solutions. By staying keenly attuned to the latest technical, social and environmental developments, we can durably and positively support your business.