Pinkernell Heinz-Gerd

Heinz-Gerd Pinkernell

partner Hamburg +49 40 369633-60

Heinz-Gerd Pinkernell is a lawyer. He is a partner at the Hamburg office and advises providers and distributors of capital investments, as well as high net worth private investors. He also advises market-leading commercial platforms from the organised secondary market for capital investments, as well as other companies, on commercial law.

Heinz-Gerd Pinkernell worked as a lawyer in the legal department of a major bank, support for private banking and the banking group’s issuing houses for closed funds (Hamburg, Munich). He was also the general counsel for a major listed issuing house and for a corporate group active in secondary market funds (closed funds in shipping and real estate, as well as private equity in the shipping sector, fund analysis and valuation, secondary market commercial platform). He is a member of the supervisory board at an issuing house for capital investments.

Heinz-Gerd Pinkernell studied law and commercial law at the universities of Trier and Hamburg. Being a German native speaker, he is also fluent in English.